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IrriRain is a Cradock based manufacturer and supplier of mini or micro irrigation pivots to farmers across South Africa.

Hylton Frost, a qualified SABI designer, Qualified System Evaluator (USA Irrigation Association) and Spilhaus Franchisee, identified a gap in the large pivot market and developed a micro pivot that improves on traditional pivot technology. 

With experience gained over 28 years in the irrigation system and pivot industry, Hylton has built the IrriRain Centre Pivot to be user friendly, cost effective and efficient.


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Mini Centre Pivot Irrigation System Benefits

IrriRain centre pivots are not dependent on external power sources, but can operate solely off solar power, and at night on battery power. 

In addition, with an operational radius of between 81 - 89 metres, IrriRain pivots are uniquely suited to smaller, previously unproductive areas.

Because the irriRain pivot can operate on much lower water pressure, infrastructure costs such as supply pumps can be reduced, while evaporation & leaks are reduced with low pressure LDN (Low droplet nozzle) sprinklers.

The irrirain pivot is constructed with low-cost, durable materials making the mini centre pivot cheaper than competitors. The fully galvanised permanent structure  provides a longer lifespan. 

Controls are situated outside of the circle, making the irrigable area more productive and reducing road upkeep.

A higher pivot clearance than any other mini pivot on the market, makes the irriRain pivot suitable for large livestock such as cattle. 



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